The Luck Engine

What would you give to achieve your wildest dreams?

When you ask someone who is successful in life how they achieved their success, they will tell you about their skill, or grit, or determination. They will tell you about how they worked hard every step of the way, how they saw a path to the top and took it.

They are lying.

The staggeringly successful in our society did not get there by skill, or ability, or determination. They attained their dreams through luck, and luck alone. Many are skilled and determined, and still do not attain any measure of success. Luck is the factor that determines our path in life.

So what if we could directly grasp at the tethers of luck, and pull them to our heart’s content? Until the world was precisely as it should be, for us as individuals, serving no higher purpose than our own lives?

The Luck Engine can do precisely that. With an offset of stored luck, our stores can be replenished, and we can know that whatever we set out to achieve will succeed.

Beta trials for the luck engine are now open to internal users at Ashtire Executive Innovation and their corporate partners. Just fill out the form below to sign up for the Luck Engine, and take control of your fate.

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