Client Access

Our clients are provided with a unique code to access their own project dashboards. If you have such a code, use the form below to log in.

If you have a code but are not a registered client of Ashtire Executive Innovation, delete the code, and then inform us via our contact page that you ever had one. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to guess codes or use any you should not have.

We are Ashtire Executive Innovation. And we see you.

Forgotten how to use access codes?

Disappointing. We don’t like to repeat ourselves.

Every page cluster is protected by a different access code, which is made up of your Client Access Key, and the Page Access Code. Each Page Access Code is unique to a cluster of related pages and is typically the most relevant project number to the cluster, and your Client Access Key never changes.

To access a specific page cluster, the access code is made up as so: “(Page Access Code)-(Client Access Key)#”

So, if you wished to access page cluster 1234, and your Client Access Key was 567, the code to use would be 1234-567#

Of course, the codes used in this example are not real.